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Most people realize that if they suffer an injury in an accident they are entitled to compensation for their losses. However, insurance companies are often reluctant to make voluntary payments to victims. Protecting injured victims' rights and obtaining fair and adequate compensation for injuries, whether caused by careless drivers, or other means, is an important aspect of this firm's practice. Finding all available insurance converage can be difficult. We can help maximize the available coverage in your case. Our firm will represent you vigorously and we are prepared to take a case to trial when necessary.


Our firm can assist your business with the incorporation process. We can also draft contracts and other documents which may be necessary for your business.


We handle a wide variety of civil matters in and out of court including contracts, name changes and construction liens. We counsel and assist individuals in prosecuting and defending civil actions at all levels of State court. Professional advice at the start of a project or agreement can often prevent costly and time consuming litigation in the future.


If you are accused of a crime or traffic offense, you should consult an attorney to make sure that your rights are protected and that you are aware of all available defenses. A guilty plea without a lawyer in a criminal or traffic case may seem like an inexpensive and easy solution at first, but may cause serious consequences in the future when you attempt to obtain employment or automobile insurance. Professional advice and assistance can often reduce or eliminate the impact of a criminal or traffic charge. We handle all types of criminal and traffic offenses each week, and we can give you the guidance which you need in such cases. We also represent clients in hearings with the Division of Motor Vehicles and in obtaining driving privileges.


Our firm handles all types of family matters, from simple uncontested divorces to complex child custody and property division cases. Family matters include all controversies or concerns about child custody and support, alimony, property settlement, adoption and termination of parental rights. While the goal in most cases is to attempt to resolve differences through negotiation or mediation, it is sometimes necessary to litigate issues in order to protect important family rights and financial resources. Our firm has experience in all areas of family law and we can assist you regarding this difficult time.


Our real estate department is an integral part of our practice and can handle most residential and commercial real estate transactions in Iredell, Alexander, and Davie Counties. We can also resolve questions or issues which may arise as a result of ownership or use of real estate. Benbow & Martin, P.C. has represented thousands of clients in Iredell and Alexander counties in real estate transactions.  We are local and we know the realtors, bankers, surveyors, and title insurance representatives. Our real estate staff is experienced, competent and thorough. If you are buying, selling or refinancing, we can meet your real estate needs.


Proper estate planning can avoid potential probate problems. It is important that you have a will which disposes of your property at the time of your death in accordance with your wishes. Our firm can help draft a will to carry out your wishes and we can assist the probate and administration of a decendent's estate. A properly drafted Power of Attorney can save time and expense in managing financial matters.


If you are injured on the job, you can usually recover from your employer even if the accident was your own fault. Since employers are likely to be represented by an experienced representative or attorney, you should consult an attorney as well, so that your rights are protected. We accept workers' compensation cases on a contingent fee basis and we offer a free consultation so that you may discuss your case with us with no risk or cost. We can assist you in navigating the hurdles and evaluating the options which exist in many workers' compensation cases.


Our firm has the experience and ability to handle cases involving wrongful death and serious injuries and the initial consultation is always free. These cases can be complex and are often fought vigorously by the insurance companies and their lawyers. We fight hard for the rights of the injured or the family of the deceased and we work to maximize and expedite the recovery from all available sources.

A personal injury can seriously impact your future as well as your current day-to-day activities. You deserve the counsel and protection of a qualified, experienced personal injury law firm that knows how to deal with these claims. We have experience with many types of personal injury cases, and can help you understand the complexities of your personal injury case. We may also be able to assist with the evaluation of your claim, and recommend what we believe to be the best way to proceed.

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